Tuesday, April 29, 2008

LAST ONE!!!! Baker's Delight

This is the LAST Baker's Delight set I am offering. You can find this set for sale in my etsy store. A link to that store can be found on the right hand side of my blog. It is precious! We have had TONS of compliments on ours! Thanks for looking!


Friday, April 25, 2008

Puerto Rico

We are back from our Spring Break trip to Puerto Rico. We had a blast! And thank you to the teeny boppers from Conneticut who pushed Wesley into the pool with MY cell phone!
The kids loved meeting people from all over the US. Chloe was known by everyone at the resort as that cute little girly girl from Alabama! She knew more people than me or Mark did!!!

One night she tried to pay a 6 year old boy $25 to dance with her! It was too funny! I try to raise her right!

Wesley won the limbo contests and Jesse was awesome at beach volleyball. Mark had a ton of fun talking it up with some guys from work and taking the kids out on a sea doo. I read a book and soaked up the sun. The last day there Jesse talked me into doing the water park rides with him. We loved this trip and would go back some day! For our family that can't get enough photos, here is a link to more:
Puerto Rico Photos


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hey guys!!! My family will be leaving Saturday for vacation - Puerto Rico. Say a little prayer. I'm not a fan of flying. ANYWAY - here is a set that will be running on auction for ebay beginning Tuesday. I have 2 of these sets made. One I hope sells on ebay and the other will be sent to my etsy store. Contact me with any questions!!!! Click HERE to view this auction starting at 7 pm ebay time on Tuesday, April 15th.


Saturday, April 5, 2008

I LOVE this designers jewelry!!!! She does amazing work. You can find her designs HERE. I have 3 things picked out already!!!


Thursday, April 3, 2008

So....I do have other children!

So...most of you know me for my ebay and etsy business and you are bombarded with pictures of my Chloe. I wanted to show you two of Miss Chloe's biggest fans and her protectors...Her brothers, Wesley, who is 15, and Jesse, who is 12.
It seems like only yesterday when I had Wesley. Now, he will be driving this summer. Scary. And little Jesse, who has actually caught up with his big brother, is acting more and more mature every day. He is shaving now, which drives his big brother nuts! (I blame the excessive facial hair on crazy hormones given to livestock and ingested by us through milk and chicken...etc!) He has been shaving for about a year now. Crazy for an eleven year old to have to start shaving! Anyway, they are great protectors of their little sister. It started with our sonogram when our nurse snuck the boys into the room to get their first glimpse of their baby sister in my tummy. She went through the usual "these are the fingers. This is the heart..." but when she said, "now let's look between the legs" - little Jesse went nuts! How dare they do that to his baby!!! They will NOT let little boys say they like her - even though she is the "girlfriend" of every boy in her class and in the neighborhood. It drives them nuts. The first night we came home from the hospital with Chloe, Wesley actually beat me to get her when she had her "midnight cry". He was sitting in her room rocking her when I walked in. Such a sweet memory. The boys will be awesome dads.
This photo was taken for ebay designer Denise of So*Cherished. She made me the most gorgeous clay tile necklace out of my babies' picture. It is my most treasured piece of jewelry. I highly reccommend her.
So now you know...I do have other children.

I've Been TAGGED

I've been tagged by Jen of BareFoot Divas Designs

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Ok here I go...
1.) I was born on a small farm in Alabama. We use to tell everyone that you had to pack a lunch to go ANYWHERE because we lived so far out in the sticks!
2.) I made the all county and all area team in basketball all 4 years of my high school "sports career"
3.) I was 3 months pregnant with my first child and had NO CLUE! (I was on the pill and still had my monthly visitor!) I was sick and thought I had cancer or something...NOPE, it was Wesley! - My oldest son.
4.) I am a night owl and usual work til 1:30 or 2:30 every night.
5.) Before ebay and designing I taught special education for 8 years - and before that I worked at a Mental Health Center
6.) My most favorite things to do are to Cheer Wholeheartedly for my kids in their various sports events and do the simple things like watch them play at a park or chase a butterfly
7.) While visiting high school classmates back home this past month I was told I had changed the LEAST as far as looks go ... should I be offended? I mean, I ditched the 80's do LONG ago!!! LOL!!!

I am going to tag...

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A Snapshot of my Work...Isn't little Chloe a pro?

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