Saturday, June 28, 2008

Please pray for my Baby.

I am requesting prayer for my middle son - Jesse. He is my angel and my heart. June 25th, his 13th birthday, we went in for his 2nd Cystic Fibrosis sweat test. He failed it again. I am crushed. Our family has been through a trememdous amount of difficulty this year...I was just released from the hospital for kidney failure when we received the news. Needless to say, we are in shock. I have spent the last 3 days bawling my eyes out. We are seeing a Pulminary specialist on July 10th.

My prayers are that there was an error in the testing and he does not have Cystic Fibrosis. Through the short time I have dealth with this though, I have realized that when all else is stripped away, the only thing I have to cling to is Jesus. It is through suffering and trials that we broadcast what is most important in our lives the loudest. I know that the God I serve is an awesome God, no matter what the outcome of our testing. My son is the most spiritually mature child I know and he is a ROCK! He is ready to broadcast to the world what an amazing God he serves in spite of what may come in his life...he was not made for this world but for the world to come. This said, I request prayers from all who read this and know us for God's will to be done and for our family to have the strength to walk through the path laid out ahead.

Thank you all in advance!

Lynn & Jesse Brittain

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Look What's New!!!

My good friend, Brooke, from WillowTreeBoutique, has set out on a new adventure with her bud Shelly. They are making the most ADORABLE totes and backpacks! I found a ton of them on their etsy site. If you check to the right I have a link to their etsy store...I also have a link to Cherry Tree Totes which is their new business blog! These Monster totes would be perfect to keep my Chloe occupied at the doctor's office or to carry with her when school starts back!!!! Very cool product girls!!!

Good Luck!

I've Been TAGGED

I've been tagged by Jen of BareFoot Divas Designs

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Ok here I go...
1.) I was born on a small farm in Alabama. We use to tell everyone that you had to pack a lunch to go ANYWHERE because we lived so far out in the sticks!
2.) I made the all county and all area team in basketball all 4 years of my high school "sports career"
3.) I was 3 months pregnant with my first child and had NO CLUE! (I was on the pill and still had my monthly visitor!) I was sick and thought I had cancer or something...NOPE, it was Wesley! - My oldest son.
4.) I am a night owl and usual work til 1:30 or 2:30 every night.
5.) Before ebay and designing I taught special education for 8 years - and before that I worked at a Mental Health Center
6.) My most favorite things to do are to Cheer Wholeheartedly for my kids in their various sports events and do the simple things like watch them play at a park or chase a butterfly
7.) While visiting high school classmates back home this past month I was told I had changed the LEAST as far as looks go ... should I be offended? I mean, I ditched the 80's do LONG ago!!! LOL!!!

I am going to tag...

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