Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Nephews!!!

These are my nephews...Cole is 5 - he's the blondie~ Conner is 3 and full of mischief! Baby Carter is 13 weeks. Cole is Chloe's buddy! He is 4 months older than her and everyone has always thought they were twins!

Cole and Conner both got their genetic screening back last week. It was NOT the news we wanted.

Their genetic markers with Cystic Fibrosis are G576A and R668C. Please pray that their markers are on the same chromosome (making them only carriers). If they are on different ones then they will have the disease.

I know that going through this with just one of my children was SOOOO hard. My heart is breaking for my sister having to go through of this with both her oldest ones. They are waiting to test baby Carter until he is older. Thanks in advance for all the prayers.



Michelle said...

What beautiful boys! I will keep them in my prayers, what a scary thing to go through!

Lynn said...

It has been one long, crazy summer. Thank you so much for the prayers. Her boys wouldn't have a clue they had anything wrong if it weren't for my Jesse, so for that we are thankful. We've had our eyes opened to the world of CF. It can be a hard path for kiddos to follow. Most die so young. We know more how to pray now too.


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