Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Summer "Bible Study"

This summer I discovered the passion series DVDs by Louie Gigglio. His DVD Hope When Life Hurts Most" was my liferaft for awhile. This is a small clip of one sermon in the series called How Great is Our GOD. His descriptions of this awesomely HUGE universe we have and the fact it magnifies the maker being an awesomely Huge God was cool. The first clip describes something called Laminin. Very cool.

This clip is my speaks to anyone who finds themselves in a place of despair. God is in control!

His sermons are dead on for me. These 2 clips aren't even from my favorite message! I will have to search for his youtube on Hope. It was life changing for me.


Sweet Sunshine Boutique said...

Hi! Thanks for the sweet comments :)

I LOVE your designs, can't wait to work with you again, you are so talented!!!

Smiles :0)


Lynn said...

Thanks so much Jennifer! Hopefully I'm to a point I can halfway focus on work again!!!


Art Of The Craft Studios said...

Oh wow. Im totally moved. Thank you thank you THANK you for posting these here...


Lynn said...

THanks Gioncarla!
I listen to his messages most every am! His site is - THe messages are about an hour long is my bible study and I get "fed" well from them! His on prayer (#3) made me cry!!! And it was dead on. I hope these will bless anyone who hears them!

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