Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our CRAZY Summer!!!

Okay friends and family...I'm trying to give everyone a "quick" update on how our summer has been!!! We spent a chunk of time (and $$$) playing baseball! Jesse's Westside team went very far this year! He actually got to be on ESPN!!! Sadly, they got beaten by a very good Florida team one game short of making it to the World Series! It was their first loss ever as a team. ANYWAY, below is a photo of Jesse in his (stinky)dorm room at regionals in St Petersburg!

Here is a photo of Chloe with our Westside (Alabama) team in the background. Notice anything "different" about her? Yep, the pink monster! She broke her arm the first day of Jesse's state tournament while we were in Sheffield, Alabama. She had surgery a day or two later. To make things a little crazier...the day after the broken arm visit to the ER, Wesley, my 16 year old, injured his ankle! We went BACK to the ER for xrays. He ended up in an aircast and on crutches!!! (Wish we took a pic of them together!)

We've GOT to give a shout out here to the Tennessee team for "bearng it all" to support Alabama at regionals! This team had some super boys that were really pulling for us to beat Florida! We actually had several different state teams there supporting us. Says something about the character of the kids on Jesse's team.

And here is a pic of me and Wesley, my oldest...he actually just turned 16 - SCARY!!!! He got a super cool new cell phone and will get his dad's car after he finishes his driver's ed course and gets his liscense!!! Happy bday Wes!

And update on our health...God is a good God. I had to come to this realization no matter what the outcome in our family. I've shared with most everyone about the scripture I have clung onto all summer - John 16:33. "I have told you these things so that you will know in ME you will find peace. For in this world, there will be trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world!"

Jesse is a christian. He told me this summer he was not afraid to die. Kinda hard for a mom to have to listen to her son need to say this. He told me he was sure he was going to heaven, he just may get there sooner than us! But, I have also told everyone that would listen that CF is not in control of his life, and neither are the doctors. God is in control of my baby. He will not leave this earth one second before God's will for his life is done. THIS IS WHERE WE WERE BEFORE OUR LAST DOCTOR'S VISIT!!!

This past week, we had a LOT of news. Jesse's genetic screening came in. He has NOT ONE genetic marker out of the 1500 they are able to screen with any Cystic Fibrosis!!! Our doc wanted us to do another sweat test. His last, as many of you know, he failed with a 61. He was in the diagnosis range for CF...THIS test came back only 40 - one point above normal!!! CRAZY! - Our doctor said that with all the testing and observations, he was backtracking on what he said earlier this summer!!! He said he now has determined that Jesse does not have CF!!! He thinks Jesse has something odd with his sweat chloride levels that does not include cystic fibrosis. God is a Good God - with the good or the bad. His own son was put to death for me and my children. I will thank him for the good and bad because all that He does is used for eternal good - whether I understand it or not. PLEASE continue to pray for my sister Karen. Her oldest 2 boys, Cole (5)and Conner (3), both have genetic markers that have shown up with genes for CF. We will know more about what this means for them in the next few weeks. Thanks to all for the prayers!


gumdrop*shop said...

Lynn- that is great news about Jesse and CF.

How exciting to make it that far and be on ESPN playing ball :)

Chloe looks adorable with or without her pink monster.

Well with all of the ups and downs you had you need a break from summer break

Lynn said...

LOL!!!! I feel like I need another month of summer to actually get to RELAX!!!!

Chloe says thanks!!! She is pretty bummed because fall ball has started and she hasn't been released from the doctor yet!

Jenny said...

Oh Lynn this is wonderful news about Jesse!! - I have been reading your blog for a while now (although just new to blogging myself!) and when I read about Jesse's sweat tests I started to pray for him (and all of you!) Praise the Lord, he is a Mighty God! Also, can I thank you for your lovely blog - I love to read it and your clothing designs are gorgeous!, I feel like I know you all so well, thanks for sharing your life and family with me.... You take care and big hugs to Chloe... she looks so sad in her little pink cast :(....

Lynn said...

LOL!!! Thank you Jen! Chloe is milking that arm for all it's worth! Actually right now she is in a removeable splint. Makes bathing much easier.

I do have a resource for you or anyone else who feels that life is so tough there is no hope...It is a DVD by Louie Gigglio called "Hope when Life Hurts Most". It is something that I have NO DOUBT God sent to me. A friend of mine bought it a month b4 We found out about Jesse and never opened it. She said God led her to buy it for someone and she waited a month b4 God letting her know it was meant for me. It was a life raft I floated on for awhile! I've bought up several to give to people as God tells me to. ANYWAY...thank you so much for the prayers! I know God will work a miracle - even when the answer is no. Okay, off to get the kiddos in bed!


Willow Tree said...

What a summmer! I had a blast watching Jesse play ball:)
The kids gave you a run for your money and you handled it all with your head up high...heres to a healthy and happy year ahead!!!

Lynn said...

Amen Brooke! We both need a year of peace and smooth sailing!!!! Hope you have a blast (relaxing) vacation!


Traci said...

Well, looks like prayers were answered.. I love it when God decides to move in BIG ways..... Great to hear the good news.. My prayers are still with you, and your daughter is just adorable...


Lynn said...

Thank you so much for the message! I don't know how people make it through the storms of life without God.


Art Of The Craft Studios said...

Awesome! What a great praise report Lynn!!
Sorry I havent checked in here lately.
Glad to know health is the common theme for you these days, well except for chloes arm there! LOL She's still so darn cute even with the large pink cast!;-) Well arms do heal. My oldest DD broke both of hers at different times so I can tell you that for sure! LOL


Lynn said...

Thanks Gioncarla!!!
I'll take a broken arm any day over a terminal illness!!! LOL! I hope all is well with you. Brooke and I are about to start a new business that I am really excited about. I will be able to tell you about it in a few weeks! It has kept me really busy!


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